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I’m working on a Film exercise and need support.

Plz follow the Requirement strictly. You might need to know about the movies mentioned in the requirement. Lmk if you need more articles to know about any of those movies. I attached the short essay 1 with professor’s comment and u can read it to know what my professor wants in the short essays. Also, if the essay is graded highly, I still have more similar assignment to work with you.

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In Short Assignment #1, you were asked to select and develop one of two keywords used in critical discourse regarding the history and present situation of Native Americans. For this assignment, you will be assigned a third keyword to develop in a short essay.

Keep in mind that going forward, for both Short Essay Assignment #3 and the Final Project, you will continue to develop one of the three keywords that you have chosen in either Assignment #1 or #2. That is, you will reuse and elaborate material around the concept of “integration,” “taxidermy,” or the keyword from this assignment to discuss Hollywood Indian films and/or other Native American films that we will watch — though, later, you may also introduce material from contemporary culture.

For this assignment write a three-paragraph paper on the concept of “sovereignty” in two films we have watched this semester. This assignment is brief because, as previously, the paragraphs should each do something in a specific and direct way.

Paragraph #1 should identify the define and explore the key term of “sovereignty.” In the course reading on *Nanook,* Raheja discusses the question of visual sovereignty in connection with Nanook’s smile. But, in a second step, she notes that the issue of “sovereignty” itself is central to thinking about the place of Native Americans more broadly in North America, in part, because Indian nations have some legal forms of sovereignty in the United States.

Of course, ethnographic films, like *Nanook,* raise different issues regarding sovereignty than fiction film. So in thinking about sovereignty, you will probably want to consider this second step. That is, you will use fiction film as your frame of reference in discussing political / legal sovereignty rather focusing on ethnographic film and the aesthetic sovereignty presented by Raheja. You may discuss “aesthetic” sovereignty, if you choose, but it is not necessary, and above all, do not confuse the two. In approaching Paragraph #1, you will need to make sure you are clear on the difference between the two forms of sovereignty. It is, after all, a paragraph in which you formulate and present a definition.

Paragraph #2 should discuss how the plot of two of the following films, The Vanishing American, Drums Along the Mohawk, Broken Arrow, or The Searchers raises and in the story, reflects upon the concept of sovereignty. Again, you can use Nanook among your films, but this film raises slightly different issues, and you should be very clear about how you are using the film and the terminology, if you choose to discuss it.

Paragraph #3 should discuss what conclusions can be drawn from the film plot regarding the keyword. That is, if the plot/meaning of the film is true, what does that mean for, say, thinking about Native Americans. Here, you should just draw conclusions from the film, not evaluate whether those conclusions are fair or reasonable outside of the story itself. That is, you are saying, for example, “if the story of Broken Arrow is true regarding sovereignty, it follows that…”

This assignment is worth 9 points, and papers will be scored according to how clearly each paragraph fulfills its purpose in a thorough way, with 3 points possible for each paragraph. Overall, this is the same type of assignment as the first, namely: 1) define a term; 2) apply the term; 3) drawn conclusions from the application of that term.

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