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Wk 2: Part I

In light of the following comments, discuss the questions listed below:

The term “network economy” is used to emphasize the features of the new, technology-enhanced economy within the information society. It stems from a key attribute— products and services that are created through networks operating on large or global scales, enabled by the current status of the global networks.

  1. What are the principal impacts of the network economy for both established organizations and upstarts? Identify and provide examples of the most important recent technology and business innovations in the network economy. How has the adaptation of the new technologies affected the organizations from your examples?
  2. The network economy introduces information-intensive goods, such as downloadable music and software. Information, as an economic entity, differs in behavior compared to traditional goods. How do information-intensive goods differ from traditional information goods? Provide two examples of each. What is the principal economic characteristic of information? What are the principal implications for strategic decisions?
  3. What are the principal enablers for the continued importance of e-commerce trends? What does the term e-commerce 2.0 refer to? What are main principles of e-commerce 2.0? Give real-life examples of e-commerce 2.0 principles. Do you think that your set of e-commerce 2.0 principles is comprehensive? Why? Are these principles congruent with your personal understanding of e-commerce?

IS Requirements

To be able to recommend the “dream version” of an integrated IS for your organization, which would manage all aspects of business operations and decision making, you need to first finalize the requirements. This week, as part of the final project, conduct research to obtain the requirements for an IS for your organization’s operation. In addition, research any standards and regulations that need to be followed from professional organizations, industry organizations, or government.

On the basis of your analysis, create a report that provides a blueprint of an ideal IS that you would like to implement for your organization.

Submission Details:

  • Submit your plan in a 5–7 pages in a Microsoft Word document, using APA style.

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