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I’m working on a Computer Science test / quiz prep and need support to help me understand better.

Textbook: Information technology : an introduction for today’s digital world by Richard Fox; We are covering chapters 5-9

It is 120 question open book test and I need help with 22 questions. This is after seeking the textbook, powerpoint and the web for the answer


T or F : Many distributions of Linux can run right from a boot disk rather than having to be installed on harddisk like Windows.

T or F : You can separately mount and unmount each individual partition.

T or F : The world’s most powerful supercomputers run Linux.

T or F : To create a directory, both Linux and DOS use mkdir.

T or F : We view the file system from a physical perspective while the operating system manipulates it from alogical perspective.

T or F : One use of an alias is to fix common typos, for instance alias mr=rm so that if you are prone to typingmr, it will be fixed as rm.

T or F : Most of the earliest operating systems were each developed for a single platform.

T or F : While Linux is available for PCs, laptops, servers and handheld devices, Unix is only available onmainframe and minicomputers.

T or F : A system administrator should ensure that file permissions of not just the system files but individualuser files are reasonably set.

T or F : Disk access time is slower than memory access time.

T or F : Most of the first generation computers were one-of-a-kind laboratory experimental machines.

T or F : Accounts are not just set up for human users.

T or F : The .profile script is executed whenever a new bash shell is started.

T or F : The 4th generation of computers lasted the longest.

T or F : A hard link in a file system points at the file while a soft link points at a file’s directory entry.

T or F : A typical high level language instruction often requires several machine language instructions in itsplace.

T or F : It is better to place your aliases in your .bashrc or .bash_profile script than to define them at thecommand line.

T or F : In Linux, every top level directory is located on its own partition whereas in Windows, all of the toplevel directories are on the same partition.

T or F : The resident monitor is the precursor to the operating system.

T or F : When using the useradd instruction in Linux, you are required to specify the user’s username andpassword.

T or F : The history list retains 10 instructions at a time.

T or F : While there are numerous (hundreds or more) Linux distributions, there is only one version of Unix.

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