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Reading the chapters and answer the following questions. The length of the answer doesn’t matter.

You can find the book using this link.. Read Chapters 3 & 4 to answer the questions down below.…

Module 1: Foundations

This module covers topics that we will return to over the course of the quarter: Research, Ethics, Diversity, and Inclusion.

1)Imagine that a friend of yours took this class last year. They offer to give you their copy of the exam so that you can cheat.

a.Use virtue ethics to describe how you would respond.

b.Use deontology to describe how you would respond.

c.Use utilitarianism to describe how you would respond.

d.Consider the question from a stakeholder perspective. Who are the stakeholders? What would they say about your decision?

2)Is a meta-analysis more or less reliable than an experiment?

3)How does a small sample size affect the validity of a study? Why does it have that effect?

4)What is the relationship between Nicolas Cage movies and drowning?

5)A management study demonstrates that people with high intelligence have higher job performance, but this matters more for highly complex jobs. What kind of variable is job complexity in this study?

6)List three benefits of a diverse workforce.

7)How does homophily influence efforts to diversify organizations?

8)What actions can organizations take to make themselves more inclusive?

9)What actions can individuals at work take to foster inclusivity?

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