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Answer one of the following questions in a well-developed essay. Your essay ought to incorporate the lecture notes, corresponding chapters in the textbook, other assigned readings, when appropriate, and your own opinions. The essay should demonstrate critical thinking and analysis and ought to be at least 2-3 pages (500 -750 word)

1. Why does Texas contract with private prisons? Discuss the dilemmas of private
for profit prisons.

2. Compare and contrast the criminal justice system used in Norway with that of the
criminal justice system used in Texas. Which, in your opinion is the best approach
and why?

3. Discuss how the criminalization of immigration policies has led to the increases in
prison population in Texas. Should undocumented immigrants be incarcerated?

4. Describe how the prison like environments in schools has led to the school to
prison pipeline. What are the negative implications of such policies?

5. How does the lack of representation of women in the Texas State Legislature
impact policy? Give examples of legislation to illustrate your views.

6. Describe how gerrymandering has manipulated election results in Texas.

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