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Using clear and consistent organization throughout, identify and analyze the potential costs and benefits associated with your solution.

(the solution is a filtered tidal barrages that has the same concept as tidal barrages but it filtrates the water from the micro plastics before its flow to the ocean.)

1. Brief Introduction

Develop a ~1 paragraph introduction to your document. The
introduction should offer specific, audience appropriate context and an
overview of the content.

2. Identifying Costs

  1. Using Chapter 2 of your Engineering Economics textbook as a guide, identify 4 potential costs associated with your project (Marginal cost, average cost,,fixed cost, variable cost.)
  2. For each cost, identify whether it is a recurring or nonrecurring cost (pg. 43)
  3. For each cost, identify whether it is an internal or external cost (pg. 47)
  4. For each cost, offer a short explanation (approximately 1-4
    sentences, or ~25-100 words) that clearly details how the cost is
    related to your project
  5. Develop a table that clearly lays out this information

3. Identifying Benefits

Consider what benefits will result from the successful implementation of your project. List 3 potential benefits(economic benefit, variable benefit,fixed benefit, life-cycle benifits associated with your project. For each benefit:

  1. Briefly explain how your project will lead to the benefit (1-4 sentences, or ~25-100 words)
  2. Include a time estimation for how long it will reasonably take for the benefit to take effect, or be noticeable
    • Some benefits might take effect in stages, which you should list as
      “Immediate; Intermediate; and Long-term,” each followed by a time
      estimate in parentheses.

      • FOR EXAMPLE:
        • Immediate (within 1 year)
        • Intermediate (2-5 years)
        • Long-term (10-20 years)
  3. Include a brief, specific, targeted statement (1-4 sentences, or
    ~25-100 words) that explains why the benefit makes the project worth

    • The likes of “because education is important!” is not an acceptable answer. It is neither specific nor targeted.


  • Organize your work according to the outline above. Use distinct
    headers for each section, and secondary and tertiary headings as
  • In the “Identifying Costs” section, only include the table and a contextualizing sentence.
  • In the “Identifying Benefits” section:
    • number the benefits 1-3 with the title of the cost bolded, as a subheading
    • include the required information under each cost in the order requested
    • each piece of information should appear under its own tertiary heading, not as a full paragraph
  • please follow all the instructions

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