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Question 1: choose the correct answer

According to Kluckhohn and Kroeber, culture includes

1 artifacts

2 patterned ways of doing things

3 values.

4 beliefs.

5 all of these

QUESTION 2: choose the correct answer

According to Margaret Visser (“Much Depends On Dinner”), material culture (e.g., forks, chairs, hallways)

1 is similar from society to society.

2 has little or no impact on people’s behavior.

3 governs our lives to the extent we take it for granted.

4 is rarely borrowed from between people of different cultures.

5 includes traditions such as Thanksgiving.

QUESTION 3: choose the correct answer

By definition, idiocultures are larger than subcultures.

1 True

2 False

QUESTION 4: choose the correct answer

In the United States, a gang whose members drive big motorcycles they call pigs, wear leather clothes, never bathe and thrive on selling drugs, robbing banks and murder-for-hire, would be called a

1 subculture.

2 ghetto culture.

3 materialistic culture.

4 violent culture.

5 counter culture.

QUESTION 5: choose the correct answer

The practice of borrowing specific elements from one culture to another is called cultural

1 integration.

2 adaptation.

3 diffusion.

4 imitation.

5 relativism.

Question 6: writing question

America is known for its diversity, but many Americans make the unfortunate assumption that no such diversity exists in other parts of the world. There are several examples of how this assumption is dysfunctional at the individual and societal level. Select and describe one example of how overlooking the diversity of other parts of the world harms individuals and/or society.

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