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I’m trying to study for my Physics course and I need some help to understand this question.

Language and Power is the social issue of my choice. Below i will attach the pass papers completed to utilize while writing this paper and incorporate as you go for whatever makes most sense. ALSO, my core values are: Love, Gratitude, Trust. Since it will be a paragraph relating my core values to the case study.

i also will put below an introductory paragraph i did and you can use that and/or build off of it to what best makes sense:

“Some may believe that language and power don’t relate to one another but in fact they do have a mutual relationship. One that affects people individually, in society, in a workplace, and life as a whole, nonetheless. Writing, speaking, and reading are essential to everyday life which make you as a person. Furthermore, to communicate and express yourself language gives you the ability to be understood when doing so. Language has played a critical role in my military experience and how you’re viewed especially being a woman. I’m in charge of accounting for several personnel each morning and reporting it. One morning, I made a mistake on a report with numbers and the response email I received was awful. In fact, it belittled me because I should’ve “known better”. Being a woman, you’d see the need to work ten times harder to get half the power or respect a man has. The email indeed made me feel “stupid”. My email response was nothing short of graceful communication and writing professionally but still firm to get my point across on the mistake that was unintended. In return, I received an apology for how I was spoken too, and to be honest language goes hand in hand with power. It exudes strength, capability, and the ability to communicate and be understood in any given situation.”


  • Describe a “real life” instance of your selected social issue in a professional or a personal setting. (you can see i put the “real life” experience relating to my job.)
  • Discuss your perspective on your selected social issue, including the reasons for your viewpoint. (reasons to my view point are attached in one of the attachments)
  • Discuss how your core values (love, gratitude, trust) inform or influence your perspective on your selected social issue.
  • Demonstrate that you are really thinking about your issue—don’t settle for easy answers, don’t pretend that conflicting evidence doesn’t exist, and don’t feel that you have to take an either-or position.
  • Discuss the complexities of your selected social issue. For example, do not just conclude that using academic language is always good, or that government surveillance is always bad, or that wealth automatically leads to health. Think about the intricacies of these issues and how they play out in everyday life.


  • Include an introductory paragraph, where you clearly outline a “real-life” instance of your social issue and you give a thesis statement that indicates your perspective
  • Include three body paragraphs where you include details, examples, and quotes from at least three of the course readings to help you develop and support your key points
  • Include one body paragraph where you discuss how your core values inform or influence your perspective on your selected social issue
  • End your essay with a concluding paragraph where you restate your thesis, summarize your key points, and leave the reader with the “so what?”


  • You are required to use three sources for this assignment. Your sources should be selected from the assigned course readings on your selected issue.
  • Your paper should use APA-style documentation for in-text citations. You do not need to complete a reference page.


McWhorter, J. (2012, August). Good applicants with bad grammar. New York Times.

Rushkoff, D. (2012, August). It’s not just rules: It’s clear thinking. New York Times.

Haussamen, B. (2012, August). What good writing indicates, and doesn’t. New York Times.

Challenger, J. (2012, August). Consider the candidate and the position. New York Times.


  • Your paper should include a proper header and title.
  • Your paper should be typed, double-spaced and in 12-point font.
  • Your final product should be a minimum of six paragraphs (about 900-1100 words) in length.

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