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1-After reading Plutarch ‘Land Law of Tiberius Grachhus’ (source 5.2), why are the reforms sponsored by Tiberius Gracchus and his brother Gaius considered the beginning of the end of the Roman Republic?

2- According to Livy, ‘Battle of Cannae’ (source 5.1) what were the main reasons for the Roman army’s crushing defeat? What were the principal reasons for Hannibal’s success?

3-How does the Laudatio Turiae ‘Eulogy for a Wife: In Praise of Turia’ (source 5.4) offer insight into gender and family roes in Roman society? What virtues does Turia’s husband extol the most?

4-Livy, ‘Battle of Cannae’ (source 5.1) reports that when the news of the defeat at Cannae reached Rome, ‘never before … had there been such excitement or panic within its walls.’ Which members of Roman society were singled out for punishment as a result of the defeat?

5-Why and how are the opening lines of the Iliad invoked by ‘Virgil, The Aeneid‘ (source 5.3)?

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