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1. In the year _________ was the beginning of Ghana’s Tenkamenin’s reign.

2. Askia Mohammed became the ruler of Songhay in the year _________.

3. Ghana reached its height under the _____________ Dynasty.

4. The Kingdom of ________________ was successfully ruled by Sonni Ali and Askia


5. During the reign of Mansa Musa the city of _______________ is where an Islamic

University and elaborate mosques were built.

6. The three cities in Mali that the Trans-Saharan Trade Route passed through were

____________ _____________, and ________________.

7. In 1672, Charles II, King of England, chartered the ___________________________ to

participate in the African Slave Trade.

8. The first African indentures were sold in 1619 in the ________________ Colony.

9. In 1520 the African civil engineer _______________ explored New Mexico and Arizona

for the Spanish.

10. The Reverend _______________________ wrote, “Every freeman of Carolina shall have

absolute power and authority over his Negro slaves, of what opinion or religion soever”.


1. Slavery was an ancient institution. T F

2. The English were known as the first participants in the African slave Trade. T F

3. African slaves were brought to Europe in 1390. T F

4. The ‘Middle Passage’ was NOT a one-way passage. T F

5. Plantation owners in the Caribbean were known as absentee owners. T F

6.. In 1670 the Virginia Colony sanctioned slavery. T F

7. The Society for the Propagation of The Gospel in Foreign Parts were missionaries and

suggested slaves study the Scriptures and be taught to read and write. T F

8. White Indentureship was a long-standing success in the Virginia and Maryland

colonies. T F

9. Prince Hall was an African in America who fought in the War of Independence and

established Masonry among free Blacks. T F

10. The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 allowed slavery in the territory North of the Ohio

River. T F

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