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The ADNOC deal – Strategic Management Chp. 7 and two articles on ADNOC deal posted on Canvas

(Short Answer/Mini-Essay – your submission should be approximately 500 – 600 words in total.  Some questions might be answered in 30-40 words; other questions might require 100 words or more to answer. Feel free to use your judgement! )

1. What are the options for entering Disparity? Which option does the ADNOC deal represent for one of the partners – the Singapore Foreign Investment Fund. Explain.

2. Take the perspective of another  partner – the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board. Which of international benefits will the Board gain? Which are the likely risks it will face? Explain.

3. What are the three major international strategies that firms can adopt? Which strategy is the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company pursuing with this deal? Discuss.

4. What is the Porter Diamond model? How does it explain why some firms compete better than others in international markets?

5. The home country of ADNOC is the UAE. Does ADNOC’s location in the UAE impact it’s competitiveness. Use the Porter Diamond model to illustrate your answer.

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