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You will submit a Canvas copy as well as a hard copy (bring to class) of a one and a half to two page essay on The Desert Danser and No One Knows About The Persian Cats Combined essay due Wed. March 11th.

****You will always write your weekly essay **after** we watch and discuss the movies.

Come to class prepared and lead class discussions with your group. Students are required to attend all classes (Class participation is 10% of your grade). A maximum of 3 absences are allowed without affecting your grade.

Your one page/double spaced essay should contain critical analysis, not a simplistic approach about the films (i.e., “I really liked the film.”), nor a summary of the film.

Instead, you are expected to take this opportunity to write about what aspects of the film (technique, story line, irony, and a particular theme) resonated with you for positive or negative reasons, or to reflect on each film in the light of the readings. Good reports will contain both narrative and visual examples (examples from the scenes of the movie).

These essays should reflect a combination of the class discussions, readings and your own analysis. You can choose to write about one or several questions (discussed in class) and connect it to the overall framework of the movie / documentary . Avoid generalizing and always relate your writing to the movies we watch.

For the short essays on ONE movie try to stay on one page. You need to focus and capture only the essence of the topic and avoid unnecessary margins.

However, when you have to combine TWO movies, then you can write one and a half to two pages to compare and contrast and find and discuss common or opposite points.

—Also make sure to read the articles mentioned on the film questions sheet and come to class prepared to answer your assigned question.

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