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Your discussion board assignment for this week is to return your own posting from last week and provide an evidence-based argument that disputes whatever claim was made against the science of anthropogenic climate change. Go ahead and copy your posting from last week, and then reply to yourself with three to four sentences of rebuttal. (If you didn’t make a posting last week, you’ll still need to find a website that disputes climate change in order to complete this discussion board.) Please provide a weblink to reference any sources that you have used to back up your rebuttal.

You can receive up to 11 points for your first posting, and 1.5 more points for a comment on another student’s post. This discussion board is due before class on Tuesday, November 10.

Here are a few resources to assist you with this endeavor:

1) The following link contains a recent interview with a conservative pundit, Jerry Taylor. The interview recounts Mr. Taylor’s past skepticism about anthropogenic climate change, as well as the reasoning that led him to now accept the consensus science view and advocate for climate change mitigation policies.

2) Skeptical Science is a comprehensive website with a large, searchable library of resources that explain the science of global warming and climate change, while also debunking many of the common arguments made by those who dispute this science. Here is the weblink:

3. This is a link that describes why pure statistical models about climate change are no substitute for physics-based models. There’s an old-saying that correlation does not equal causation… and understanding causation in physical sciences always requires a physical explanation, not simply a statistical relationship.…

4. For any true science nerds among you, here is a website and blog run by some of the world’s top climate scientists:

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