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My name is Fabio Paez Jr and I would like a paper on my biography on how I started in the Tree Business with Lewis Tree Company in 2010 as a Groundman In Eastern Pennsylvania where we focused a lot on utility clearance and worked my way up during my years from 2010-currently in different companies learning with all types of ethnicity’s and How becoming a family in the tree business becomes as important as our home familys. I started my arborist career in 2010 as a ground man than worked my way up to a climber which took 3 years of hard working as a ground man. Around 2013 I worked for Asplundh Tree Service and Decided to focuse a lot more In Tree felling Trees taller than 150ft next to the transmission lines, which helped me realized that there is more to tree work than One knows. working in dangerous weather conditions traveling out of state for storm work and being away from the family as well. When it was around 2017 I decided to move to Florida and give the Palm trees and more exotic trees a chance of learning experience. Once I came back to the town that I grew up at I knew that I was back home. So currently I am the owner of Glider Tree Care and I am gathering all the experience I have learned over the years and making my very own unique tree company that focuses a lot more in our worlds trees by giving our costumers trees the proper trimming that their trees need in order to grow Healthy and strong in order to come back next year . Glider tree cares about the environment and with all that I have learned over the years and using the method of knowing when/what/ how to cut Will hep your trees live longer and stronger.

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