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The purpose of this assignment is for you to explore the relationship between increasing globalization and the need for cultural competence in health care by interviewing a person with experience in this field.

Conduct an interview with the healthcare professional selected in your Interview Assignment. Ask the following questions as well as three additional questions of your own.

  • What is your healthcare profession? (Physical Therapy) How long have you worked in this field?
    (4 Years) In what kind of facility do you practice? (Out patient clinic)
  • How racially, ethnically, religiously, or sexually diverse is the community your facility serves?
  • How racially, ethnically, religiously, or sexually diverse is the staff at your facility?
  • What changes– increases or decreases in specific populations — have you observed in the workplace with patients and staff over time?
  • If there has been an increase in diversity, what changes, if any, has your facility made to accommodate this diversity, such as diversity training, providing interpretation services, etc.?
  • Describe an experience you have participated in, observed, or heard about in which cultural or other differences have caused problems for patients and/or staff.
  • What factors came into play (such as stereotyping, prejudice, assumptions, etc.) and what was the outcome?
  • Have your personal attitudes towards diversity changed over time? If so, how have they changed? If not, why?

  • In your view, how well was this situation handled?
  • If faced with a similar scenario, what, if anything, would you change about how it was handled? If you would not change anything, what advice would you give to another healthcare professional else facing the same kind of situation?

Produce a visually appealing, well organized, and informative PowerPoint of minimum 12 slides in which you:

  • Introduce your interviewee. (2 points) Alicia John (Friend)
  • Summarize the interview answers. (15 points)
  • Identify the two most valuable answers and explain why you consider them important. (4 points)
  • Share how you will apply what you learned from this interview to your own work in healthcare. (3 points)
  • Points
    Possible: 35

    24 points for content

    3 points for visual appeal

    3 points for overall structure

    points for writing mechanics (Level 2)

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