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Respond by Day 5 to a colleague’s post by suggesting how their qualitative research may benefit evidence-based practice. Please use the Learning Resources to support your answer. RESPONSE DOES NOT HAVE TO BE LONG!

Colleague: Alda

  • What kinds of research questions lead to a qualitative approach?

Since little is known about the subject (Yegedis, Weinbach & Myers, p. 127) I would begin formulating research questions that lead to a qualitative approach by stating first what the purpose of the study is.I would then decide if I wanted to research how something is happening or what has already happened as the questions that lead to a qualitative approach.

  • If you chose to conduct quantitative research in your Week 4 proposal, how might you reframe the research question in a way that lends itself to a qualitative approach?

I would reframe my week four question research question in a way that lends itself to a qualitative approach by asking the following question: What challenges do children encounter who are raised by same-sex couples? The intention for asking this question would be to compare the quality of life between children who are raised with heterosexual couples with children who are raised with homosexual couples. I would then venture to explore if the children treat their parents of the heterosexual nature different from parents of a homosexual nature. I would continue to explore an investigation of how heterosexual couples raise their children similarly or differently from homosexual couples and what are the behavior traits of those children from each household.

  • If you focused on a qualitative proposal in Week 4, describe the qualitative research question and explain the rationale for choosing a qualitative approach.

I chose my question because of the observations that have been witnessed of the prevalent number of same-sex couples who have decided to integrate children into their marriage. The growing number of states that have allowed same-sex couples may need information to give to same sex couples on how to raise healthy minded children in a predominantly heterosexual society. I believe that it would be to the advantage of same-sex couples to learn what challenges may come with the territory of raising children in a heterosexual society.

  • Be sure to explain how you might collect the data.

I believe that oral histories would be a good way to collect data because it seems to offer more authenticity and first hand eyewitness accounts and experiences. Also, in-person interviews would be just as effective, in that individuals can share their emotion and point of views directly involving the subject at hand(Yegedis,et al.).

  • Consider which qualitative method (case study, grounded theory, ethnographic research, cross-sectional research, feminist research, or participatory action research) would be most suitable for answering the research Please use the resources to support your answer.

Case study:

  • I believe that a case study (Yegedis,et al.) would be most appropriate resolving the question. I would approach a case study question with asking, “What strategies are being used by same sex couples to raise their children while challenged with the fears of those who doubt their ability to raise children?”


Weinbach, R. W., & Myers, L. L. (2018). Research methods for social workers (8th ed.). New York, NY: Pearson.

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