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a. What would be the complementary sequence when this DNA molecule is replicated? Please be sure to indicate proper polarity of the new strand (5’ vs. 3’)

b. If the sequence from a was used as a template strand, what would be the resulting mRNA? Please be sure to indicate proper polarity.

c. What would be the sequence of amino acids that would result from the mRNA from b.? Where would the C-terminus and N-terminus be?

2. (10 points) Tall plants have a genotype TT or Tt, where the T allele is dominant over the t allele. Red plants have genotype RR or Rr, where the R allele is dominant over the r allele. What would be the genotypic and the phenotypic ratios that will result from the following dihybrid cross? TT Rr x Tt Rr

Check out the following pedigree.

a. What is the mode of inheritance? Your options are autosomal dominant, autosomal

recessive, X-linked dominant and X-linked recessive. Be sure to justify your answer.

b. For the two shaded regions, please indicate possible genotypes. If you think the mode of

inheritance is autosomal, use an upper case and a lower case letter; if you think the mode of

inheritance is sex-linked, use X and Y chromosomes, with an * indicating the mutant allele.

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