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Physical security describes security measures taken by a service provider to help keep confidential information from being improperly accessed and stored by unauthorized third parties. This may include using appropriate encryption, password protection, and monitoring for access by third parties. Network security is a subset of security, which includes protecting systems from intrusion and sabotage (Reis et al., 2020). This may be accomplished through physical security such as firewalls or access controls to restrict access to a specific computer and networking resources. Access control is the process of ensuring that access to information is controlled to a minimum degree while maintaining the ability for the information to be accessed by those who deserve to have it (Reis et al., 2020).

Access control is a crucial security feature of a network, a firewall, a website, or a database. Access control helps to ensure the security of the information that is stored on a computer. An example of a firewall is one that helps to ensure that a particular computer or network can only access information from a particular place or a particular computer (Sinha et al., 2020). A server also has an access control mechanism in its security mechanisms. In order for a server to provide access to its network, a set of security rules is developed that prevents the server from sending out information without authorization. This information is sent to a server administrator, who then sends it to the end-user. Policies are also used to determine whether a given computer has certain permission levels (Sinha et al., 2020). Physical Security is a means by which the security system is designed to protect sensitive data; by which the equipment used to access sensitive data is protected. If a data source and network are accessible and vulnerable, Physical Security should provide adequate protection for such data (Sinha et al., 2020).

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Physical security is the process of securing network resources by securing physical access points. This may include securing access through firewalls, passwords, or firewalls with physical access controls or limiting access through the use of physical access controls that are physical such as security cameras or physical access barriers (Fournaris et al., 2020). Network security requires securing a network against the exploitation of the security weaknesses within it. The access control allows certain types of information to be accessed by certain types of users. The Authorisation type is for authorization of access to specific types of information in an application, such as user accounts or content (Xi, 2020).

The course is a security product intended for use against a machine and not against user data. The physical security product also supports the protection of the data that is sent or received from the network devices, that is computer networks, which support security. It is a collection of tools we use to help you protect your sensitive information and security policies. Physical Security is a series of physical security tools designed to protect the infrastructure we rely on. These tools are written by hardware professionals to detect and protect against threats to your infrastructure (Fournaris et al., 2020).

Physical security is a tool that can help the application in protecting itself from unwanted actions, including brute forcing and password guessing attacks. It can also serve to increase the user experience by protecting the users from unwanted actions such as malware attack. This Course is mainly a course about physcal security and physcal security in general. The course aims to provide you with background knowledge and background knowledge on various aspects of physcal security (Xi, 2020).

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Reference Book

Title: Effective Physical Security

Authors: Lawrence Fennelly

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

Publication Date: 2016-11-25

Edition: 5th

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