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Principles of Management


The success of any business entity depends on the management strategy used. This paper looks at three management issues that have a direct impact on the success of any business (Noe, R et al, 2006, n.p). In the peer-reviewed article, the identified managerial issues include; creation of a positive environment, appreciation of differences and diversity, and connecting employees to the mission of the business. The company’s rapid expansion was made possible by the three issues discussed. This points out that management is an important part of any business

Create a Positive Environment

The policies, professional networks, and relationships as well as resources of a business affect employees. Employees are not only after a good pay but also an environment where they feel comfortable (Koontz, H. and O’Donnell, C., 1964, n.p). They need to reap the necessary benefits of a positive environment. These include personal, health and social benefits. The employee benefits ensure that employees are happy doing their work hence improved productivity (Hill, C. and McShane, S., 2008, 404). The case study in the article shows how Goodwill ensures a positive environment for its employees. The kind of relationships formed and the organizational culture aims to make the employees feel they are in the right place. The positive environment created by the management at Goodwill has led to increased number of people who want to work in the organization.

Appreciation of Diversity among the Employees

One of the strategies applied by Goodwill is to avoid negative aspects of diversity. It discourages discrimination and gives each employee equal chance of personal development (Terry, G. and Franklin, S., 1968, 76). This enables the organization to build a stronger and more effective team. The frustrations, confusions, and misunderstandings created by diverse differences among employees are thus eliminated by the organization (Ramasamy, T., 2009, 35). The organization taps into these differences to broaden its horizons as well as providing growth that helps it develop more insights. The tremendous growth of the company is strongly attributed to the factor of appreciating diversity among its employees. Engagement of the diverse skills, opinions, and backgrounds enables Goodwill to achieve its organizational goals (Daft, R., 2009n.p).

Connection of Employees to the Organization’s Goals

Many employees would want to do good things that promote development in society. An organization such as Goodwill aims at helping people get employed. Most of these people could not get hired because of various reasons. When they are made to understand the mission of the organization is to help them despite their employability status, they are likely to appreciate (Carpenter, M, et al., 2010, 34). The appreciation comes in form of the hard work they put to ensure the success of the organization.

The managers of the organization have succeeded in showing their employees the direction they should follow. The employees know that the success of the organization means more people would be employed. The organization’s purpose is to help members of the society and not profit making. The organization’s mission is to improve the condition of humanity by improving the lives of disadvantaged in the society (Fayol, H., 1916, 15).

The organization has narrowed its vision. A narrowed down vision helps employees know the direction their effort should aim. Goodwill articulates its values by ensuring that it focuses on solid cultural values that establish the behavioral expectations. The alignment of the employees with the company’s vision, values, and mission, they are able to identify the direction they are expected to follow without much supervision (Bandara, W. et al, 2007). Effective communication of the mission and vision of Goodwill has been possible by its management. The management thrives more in innovation and has established communication platforms in all major social media sites.


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