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Brief Written Assignment

Part 1. There is a psychological tool called the Twenty Statements Test (Kuhn & McPartland, 1954), which assesses self-concept by having people answer the question, “Who am I?” In one brief statement (e.g., “I am …”), what would be your first answer to that question?

Part 2. According to sociometer theory, our self-esteem reflects the extent to which we are connected to, and accepted by, others. In the contemporary world, and especially in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, our connections are often mediated by technology (e.g., social media). There is some debate about the influence of this technology on well being, as summarized in this article:

This assignment involves answering the following:

1. In a sentence or two, can you describe a psychological “downside” of online social connection and communication?

2. After reading some or all of the article at the link above, what are two things you learned that you didn’t know before?

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