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make a 7 slides powerpoint presentation (not counting title and references slides)

add minimum 100 words to each slide in the SPEAKER NOTES


This is the sample. I added it to google drive so I can share it.

Please don’t forget this is a group project and you can choose any coalition you want related to Communicable Diseases – HIV subject

Each group will be assigned to a coalition with the goal of addressing a public health issue and policy. The coalition that each group is assigned to will be connected to a specific advocacy/policy issue reviewed in the text. The assignment approximates coalition work, which is a mainstay for public health advocacy.

Each student group will represent a pre-selected advocacy coalition in order to address a public health problem and advocate for a policy solution.

Each student will represent a stakeholder agency/organization that is listed as a member of the assigned coalition (see link to the website provided below).

For example, the Southern AIDS Coalition consists of several organizations: Latino Commission on AIDS; AIDS Alabama; Crescent Cares; Tennessee Department of Health; and Louisiana Office of Public Health.

Each student will select and become a member organization (for example, student one represents/becomes the Latino Commission on AIDS and student two represents/becomes Crescent Cares).

Coalitions often prepare testimony for public hearings in order to ensure their key messages are voiced and presented to policymakers. Each coalition member organization has a slightly different perspective, but all the messages are intended to influence the policy making body to adopt a specific policy. Each coalition group will develop a presentation of coordinated public testimony to convince policy makers to adopt a policy.

The coalition testimony assignment is completed as a group —-Group Subject – Communicable Disease – HIV

My group members will be discussing the Southern HIV Coalition and the Interagency Coalition on AIDS and Development

I need to pick a coalition and Testimony will need to include:

  1. Introduce yourself and the organization you represent within the coalition and/or your standing on the issue (resident, agency representative, expert, etc.)
  2. State your position as “for” or “against” the proposed bill; identify the bill by name and number if appropriate (e.g. S.B. 768)
  3. Provide the “Ask”: Tell the policy makers what you want them to do (vote yes or no on the bill)
  4. Provide back-up documentation for your “ask.” This can include personal experience or facts and statistics. One scholarly reference is required to be cited in such a way that your listeners can find the information on their own. At least, include the author and the year in the statement. If a web link, provide such link.

This is the more information:

Each coalition group will develop a video presentation of coordinated public testimony to convince policy makers to adopt a policy. The presentation will include: Key aspects of the coalition proposal; a list of corresponding coalition stakeholder student members; and voiceover testimony recorded on a PowerPoint slide (e.g. one coalition student member COH 435 Public Health Commuications and Advocacy* 7 * Course schedule (e.g., due dates) is tentative, and subject to change *Updated 10.22.2020 testimony per slide should be included.) Students are encouraged to use PowerPoint, Prezi, or other pre-approved presentation software when presenting to the group. Each group will present their respective information in a recorded format, upload to YouTube, and provide a link for peers to view and provide comments

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