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The clinical interview is an important aspect of the psychdiagnostic process and often sets the context in which the clinician formulates the case conceptualization. It guides the type of procedures to be used in the overall evaluation such as what psychological tests may be used to empirically validate empirically validate the psychologist’s clinical impressions. Based on your review of your readings, discuss the value of a thorough clinical interview in the psychological diagnostic process. How does your understanding of the clinical interview impact your initial impressions of the case of Mary? Would you change, add or omit any aspect of your approach with Mary based on your initial impressions? Additionally, what challenges do you think you might encounter in interviewing and evaluating someone like Mary? For example, would she be someone that might be challenging to interview? How might you work around this as a clinician to establish rapport and build a collaborative relationship? Share your thoughts. Feel free to include any other material or research that you collected outside of our readings.

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