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ase Summary Course Project

PSYC 3350

Abnormal Psychology

(15% of overall grade)

This course emphasizes being understand disorders, symptoms and etiology. As a result, the

course project will allow you to evaluate the symptoms presented in a case, draw diagnostic

conclusions, and provide support for that diagnostic conclusion. Towards

the end of the

semester, you will be given a case to review. After reading that case and likely organizing some

of your own personal notes about symptoms you see, you will create a diagnostic summary.

The summary should be organized using the criterion b

elow. The three key components of the

narrative are provided below, in addition to other assignment criteria. The entire document

should be

1 single spaced page

according to the criteria stated below.



Provide a brief overview of the individu

al’s general state of distress that may allow him/her

benefit from psychological treatment at this time. Here you want to focus on general difficulties

in adjusting to life’s demands. Symptoms will be discussed in the Symptom Presentation section



is overview should be no longer than 5 sentences.



Clearly state the specific DSM

5 diagnosis. For example, the client may demonstrate symptoms

of depression. But stating depression as a diagnosis is insufficient. One would need to state


jor Depressive Disorder. This is because depression, in general, is a symptom (not a

diagnosis) that is present in multiple disorders such as Bipolar I, Bipolar II, and Persistent

Depressive Disorder.

This diagnostic information can be presented as one sen




Whatever the diagnosis, you need to be sure that you provide enough information about the

symptoms to justify the diagnosis. This will require some research! For example, your text may

not include all of the complete symp

toms associated with Major Depressive Disorder. As a

result, you will need to integrate reputable resources that allow you to most accurately evaluate

if the case includes all of the necessary diagnostic criteria for the diagnosis you are considering.


example, the National Institute of Health would be a very reputable resource. In the link

below, the article compares diagnostic criteria present in the DSM

IV to criteria presented in the


5. This would be a great resource to cite when presenting a sy

mptom summary.

NIH sample resource:…

The symptom summary should reference disorder criteria and specify what specific sympt


presented in the case align with that criteria. Specifically, what does the disorder “look like” in

this particular person’s case? You need to convince the reader that the diagnosis you selected

is accurate.

****Anticipate that this will be the bulk of

the writing assignment*****




This is a major project and should be written in a professional, well

articulated manner. Please

use any feedback received earlier in the semester to inform writing quality for this assignment.

Proper gram

mar and sentence structure is expected. Further, the use of colloquialisms should

be avoided.

One useful strategy to evaluate one’s own writing can be to read it aloud

as if delivering a

speech. It can be easier to identify writing errors when presented




The paper formatting should follow the criteria notes below.

1 page single


Times New Roman Font, 12 point

Standard 1 inch margins

Organized using the header formatting in this guide






Symptom Presentation



The case summary will have at least two references (your book and at least one other

reference). Please use the APA Manual (7


Edition) to format your reference page at the end of

the case summary, as well as when using the appropriate in

text citations.

The references should be separate from the required 1 single

spaced page.

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