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  • Which of the following is an example of intellectual property?
    1. a work of art
    2. a computer program
    3. a trade secret of an organization
    4. all of the above
  • Copyright law protects authored works; ___________ law protects inventions.
  • Software can be protected under copyright law, but it can also be patented. True or False?
  • The courts may award up to triple damages for which of the following?
    1. patent infringement
    2. copyright infringement
    3. trademark infringement
    4. theft of trade secrets
  • Two software manufacturers develop separate but nearly identical programs for playing an online game. Even though the second manufacturer can establish that it developed the program on its own, without knowledge of the existing program, that manufacturer could be found guilty of copyright infringement. True or False?
  • Title II of the amends the Copyright Act by adding a new section that enables a Web site operator that allows users to post content on its Web site to avoid copyright infringement if certain “safe harbor” provisions are followed.
  • A(n) ___________ is a logo, package design, phrase, sound, or word that enables a consumer to differentiate one company’s products from another’s.
  • Many large software companies have _________________ agreements with each other in which each agrees not to sue the other over patent infringement.
  • The __________________ doctrine established four factors for courts to consider when deciding whether a particular use of copyrighted property is fair and can be allowed without penalty.
  • A ______________ is a form of protection for intellectual property that does not require any disclosures or the filing of an application.
    1. copyright
    2. patent
    3. trade secret
    4. trademark
  • The WTO developed the ____________ which established minimum levels of protection that each government must provide to the intellectual property of all WTO members.
  • Plagiarism is an issue only in academia. True or False?
  • The process of taking something apart in order to understand it, build a copy of it, or improve it is called ________________ .
  • As part of the patent application, the USPTO searches the existing body of knowledge that is available to a person of ordinary skill in the art. This existing body of knowledge is also called ________________.
  • Almost all the data needed for competitive intelligence can be collected either through carefully examining published information or through interviews. True or False?
  • The main tactic used to circumvent________________is to register numerous domain name variations as soon as an organization thinks it might want to develop a Web presence.
    1. Identify and briefly discuss three key advantages that trade secret law has over the use of patents and copyrights in protecting intellectual property. Are there any drawbacks with the use of trade secrets to protect intellectual property?

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