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You will often need to introduce yourself in informal and formal situations. In this assignment you will create a brief personal branding introduction in order to help a group or organization understand more about you.

Here are some examples of where you might need a “personal brand” intro:

The key to establishing your personal brand is to remember that branding includes strategy (managing your image) along with differentiation (establishing what is unique about YOU vs. people with the same background and experience).

In order to differentiate you need to think carefully about you can present yourself as different from your peers while communicating your special qualifications, skills & experiences using language and visual style that personalizes your appeal with your desired message effect.

For this assignment, introduce yourself to one of the following:

  • A potential employer of communication practitioners where you would like to conduct an informational interview.
  • A professional organization where you would like to volunteer (e.g., Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), National Communication Association (NCA), or other organization).
  • A group of communication practitioners who are sponsoring an activity you would like to join or help plan (e.g., a young professionals meeting in your area, a digital conference, a fund-raising activity.)

Your deliverable should engage the audience and achieve the specific goal of explaining how you “fit” in the situation while sharing at least three identifiable characteristics of that differentiate YOU and YOUR personal brand.

It is important to remember that your brand is not the same as your resume. Your resume is what you have done. Your brand is how you do you.

The format is of your submission is open.

You can use an inventive letter, a blog, a PowerPoint, etc. Use your creativity. Remember: you want to engage your audience.

Attached to this assignment you’ll find a sample submission from a past student named John Jones. John was introducing himself to a group that he wanted to volunteer with. John’s example is not perfect. During feedback we discussed that he might be focused more on resume elements than on “brand” qualities. Notice: his brand shows up much more in the design of his presentation than in the content. Do you agree that he effectively showcases himself as the quirky, marketing guy? (as compared to other people who might want to volunteer for breast cancer organizations?)

You’ll also find another sample from a student who is making a pitch to The Humane Society. She is making the case that the Humane Society’s “Animal Rescue Team” should hire her new marketing company. What do you think? Does this student effectively differentiate?

Submit your assignment through the link on Blackboard for the assignment: Personal Branding Introduction.

Remember: you can submit Word documents and PDFs to Blackboard. If you choose a different format, you can save it to Dropbox, Box or Google file. Copy the sharable link. Once you have your link, copy and paste to a Word document and submit that document as your assignment.

Please review the grading rubric below:

Rubric for Personal Branding Introduction

Possible Points

Your Points

Includes pertinent information that helps the target audience understand how you fit into the situation.


Presents aspects that help establish three identifiable characteristics of your brand. These brand characteristics are distinct from (but perhaps related to) your personal experience. It is clear that you have read and understood the branding materials.


The content is clearly presented, concise, and free from editing errors. It is proofread and professional in its presentation. An audience member will understand the purpose of the presentation and its meaning.




About myself: I have internship experiences on social media platform, TV station. Also, I have participated in publicity department of Chinese Student Scholar Association. And I have my own public blog. These experiences may help you on this assignment. Certainly, you can combine some your own reasonable habits with my experiences to make it more complete.

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