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Directions: Answer the following questions using ideas from and/o from the viewing the film (The Monument Men). If you choose to, you may also look for additional information online to support the writing of your answers. I do not have a link to film.


•The True Story of the Monuments Men


1. Consider the question, “Is art worth a life?” Explain why or why not.

2. Which of these four do you most agree? Explain your selection.

A. Fighting for art is worth risking one’s life.

B. I’d fight for art if I had to.

C. I’d fight passionately for other things, but not for art. Art is important—but it’s not worth risking a life.

D. No lofty idea is ever as important as a human life.

3. The Monuments Men were not typical soldiers. What qualities did they demonstrate that made them national and global heroes?

4. How conscious were you of the collateral damage war can wreak upon a civilization before reading The Monuments Men? What had you not been aware of that you are now?

5. Why are works of art or monuments meaningful? In what ways does art belong to a country or culture? In what ways does art belong to the world? What are the moral repercussions of stealing art or destroying monuments?

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