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Evaluate the Pulse of the Nation

What is the hot topic in education these days? What are people
talking about? Is it a four-day school week? Online schooling? School
lunch nutrition? Simulation and gaming elements added to higher ed
curriculum? Assessment of practioner competencies? In the past,
educational leaders might refer to this as “What’s being discussed at
the coffee shop?” These days, the Internet and social media have replaced
the coffee shop; however, educational leaders should still be aware of
the policy initiatives that stakeholders feel are important. Oftentimes,
there is a disconnect between what educational leaders perceive to be
important versus what the average stakeholder perceives as important.

For this assignment, you will research a total of 7 informal,
non-scholarly articles or commentary that advocates for a policy
initiative. Select 2 articles to work with. Your 2 articles should
advocate different stances on the initiative. You will take the
compare-and-contrast approach by focusing on one issue with two sides.
Each article discussion should include the following:

  1. Cite both sources at the top of each page.
  2. Analyze each author’s argument/position. Discuss your perception of
    the author’s reasoning for advocating for a certain position.
  3. Discuss your agreement or disagreement with the author.
  4. Your conclusion should discuss the impact of the policy on
    leadership. How would the implementation of this policy impact leaders
    in this institution?
  5. Create a table, graphic or chart to visualize the comparison and
    contrast of the articles. You may use Word, PowerPoint, or any tool you
    like to create the visual.
  6. In addition, you should attach a list of the other 5 sources that
    you reviewed and considered for this assignment. Add the list in of all
    your 7 articles APA reference format as a final page to the assignment.

Length: 4-5 pages plus a table, graphic or chart; including a separate page for references.

Resources: Support your paper with at least 7 resources.

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