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Which of these clauses from the U.S. Constitution is directly connected to apportionment, that is, the determination of the number of members each state would send to the House of Representatives?

Three-Fifths Clause

Necessary and Proper Clause

Appointments Clause

Full Faith and Credit Clause

Which clause from the U.S. Constitution directly affects the president’s power to appoint members of the Cabinet?

Commerce Clause

Impeachment Clause

Emoluments Clause

Advice and Consent Clause

Which clause from the U.S. Constitution affects the relationships between the various states?

Appointments Clause

Advice and Consent Clause

Faithful Execution Clause

Full Faith and Credit Clause

Which of these offices is specifically required by the U.S. Constitution?

Vice President

Secretary of State

Secretary of Education

Defense Secretary

Which civil right was protected by the U.S. Constitution as ratified in 1788?

Right to a Writ of Habeas Corpus

Right to Free Exercise of Religion

Right to a Speedy Trial

Right to Bear Arms

Which Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects the right to assemble?





Which Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is NOT connected to suffrage?





Which Amendment to the U.S. Constitution grants birthright citizenship?





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