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Last week we discussed bodily contagions, this week we are going to discuss more social contagions as we explore the philosophical and socio-cultural relationships within the vampire genre. In The Blood is Life we learn that vampires of the 1930’s, “awakened fears of invasion, sexual abuse, and domination by aristocratic foreigners.” and by the Roman Catholic Church (124). In Senf’s article we are reading about how vampire literature and film can be used to address the philosophy of the New Woman and Ideal Masculinity. Meanwhile in Interview with a Philosopher we hear how modern vampires appear to be free of the consequences that traditional vampires suffered from, and how modern vampires present us with a way to explore more modern “philosophical quandaries.”

For this week’s discussion I want you to research and discuss a modern interpretation of the vampire in film, television or literature. Then discuss what social contagions/philosophical issues your choice reflects or address. Make sure you focus on discussing what modern day vampires philosophically represent, and avoid only writing a character description. For example Anne Rice’s vampires represent gay culture and the fear of AIDs in the 1980s.

Philosophical issues you may want to think about: concerns with race, sexual orientation, sexual abuse, xenophobia, gender fluidity, physical beauty, physical abuse, or violence.

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