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PART II: Understands the ProblemsAnswer all

Instruction: Describe and explain the following social problems.

1. Differentiate Race from Ethnicity.

2. Describe why the concept of Race is scientifically outdated.

3. Describe the concept of Affirmative Action.

PART III: Face the Issues.Answer 3 of 5

Instruction: Answer these thought question with the intent of defending your answer.

1. Why is Race such a defining issue in America? Why, after 50 years of struggle are, we no closer to an end to racism?

2. Who is a “Native American?” How did they become “native?”

3. How old is “Old”?

4. The book speaks of the health care costs of the aged, and it is known that the majority of health care costs of the average person is used in the last few months of their life. At what point is it no longer cost beneficial to provide such expensive health care to someone of age?

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