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Draw freehand sketches of the following objects from around the house or in your neighborhood.

  • One piece of furniture (example: chairs, tables, beds, sofas, coffee tables, nightstands, etc.).
  • One piece of kitchen appliance (example: coffeemakers, toasters, faucets, etc.).
  • One piece of miscellaneous home item (example: floor lamps, desk lamps, ceiling fans, shower heads, musical instruments, silverware, etc.).
  • One piece of footwear (example: shoes, boots, flipflops, roller skates, etc.)
  • One building exterior (example: your house/apartment building or any building on campus).

General rules

  • Use pencil and eraser only – no geometry utensil such as compass or ruler, and no use of photography.
  • Each object sketched should be a real instance of the object, not an imagined one.
  • Each drawing should be an oblique view of the object, i.e. not a full frontal, side, or top view.This means that you should choose the orientation of the sketch so that for generally rectangular objects, at least three sides are visible (and accordingly for non-rectangular objects).Exception: for the building exterior, only two sides is sufficient.
  • Use clean line drawings.Shading of surfaces is permitted but not necessary.
  • Do not show hidden lines.
  • Construction lines (e.g., centerlines) can be visible if they are not obstructing the sketch.
  • Avoid drawing the following objects:
    • Objects defined mainly with straight edges or rectangles, specifically, TVS, microwaves, ovens, refrigerators, laptops, computers, monitors, cell phones, tablets, etc.
    • Objects defined mainly with circles, specifically, clocks, globes, dinner plates, etc.
    • Objects that are symmetric in two or more directions such as water glasses and some lamps. Exceptions: tables.
    • When in doubt if a specific item will be accepted, send a photo to your GSA and ask.
  • Use plain white paper or engineering paper.Sketches on ruled papers will be penalized 10%.
  • Each item should be drawn on a separate sheet of paper – total 5 sheets.
  • Each sketch should be large enough to produce at least 70% fitment in the letter size sheet.This means that if you drew a rectangular bounding box that barely fits your sketch and whose edges are parallel to the sheet’s edges, then either the length and/or the width of that bonding box should measure at least 70% of the sheet’s size.

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