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To get full credit for this Discussion Board, you must submit an initial post and respond to at least one classmate’s posting following the guidelines given below.

As the Human Genome Project progresses, we are learning more and more about genetic differences that cause genetic disease. Some people advocate the use of this knowledge to ultimately develop gene therapy. The goal of gene therapy would be to find alleles that are “faulty” and to correct them with normal alleles. Ideally, to “fix” every cell in an individual, this process would need to occur in embryos. Let’s suppose a couple found out that later in their embryo’s life, their baby would develop an incurable disease such as Alzheimer’s disease. Would you advocate the use of gene therapy in the embryo to correct the problem before the child was ever born? What if the embryo did not appear likely to develop a genetic disease, but the parents decided that they would really prefer that their child have blue eyes as opposed to brown. Would you advocate the use of gene therapy in this case? Should the use of this therapy be limited? Who should decide those limits?

Questions to consider:

  • How do we decide what is “serious” versus what is not critical?
  • If the technology existed, should there be any reason not to use it in any situation? Who should set the limitations to prevent abuse of the technology?

Your initial post must be 250 words,

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