MAT 205 Ashford University Week 4 Quantitative Easy Geometry Discussion – Assignment Help

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For this discussion, identify three different variable pairs in which two quantities appear to be related from either recent news stories, the web, or that you encounter in your everyday life. Each variable pair should come from a different source (as illustrated in the week 4 Discussion Sample) and there should be three sets of paired variables total.

Important note: Only one of the variables can use “time” as an independent variable. For example, you cannot have your variable pairs be (time, dependent variable 1), (time, dependent variable 2) and (time, dependent variable 3). However, you can have your variable pairs be (time, dependent variable 1), (independent variable 2, dependent variable 2) and (independent variable 3, dependent variable 3).

For inspiration, use the examples listed in the solution to Example 1 on p. 537 of the text, or the Week 4 Discussion Sample, MAT205.W4.DiscussionSample.pdf. Be sure to select different examples!

Create Table

After you have identified three different variable pairs (from distinct sources), make a table of between 10 and 20 entries of data values for each of your variable pairs.

Create Graph

Then, graph your data values for each variable pair and describe in words the function that relates the variables. For each pair, write down at least five (5) points on the graph. Draw the graph using paper & pencil or use an online graphing calculator like Desmos Graphing Calculator (Links to an external site.).

Describe Your Results in Words

For each of the pairs you listed, identify the dependent and independent variables and briefly describe the relationship.

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