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Need help with my Philosophy question – I’m studying for my class.

(1) After reviewing this week’s material, share as a blog entry a video clip or an image that reflects Paley’s Design Argument from Analogy. Do not choose media that explains the theory. That is YOUR job.

(2) Briefly explain why you chose that particular clip in reference to the reading.

(3) Identify the key elements of comparison in Paley’s analogy between a watch and the universe.

(4) Explain one of Hume’s criticisms of the design argument. (Hume’s position is represented by Cleanthes.)

(5) Discuss why or why not this criticism strong enough to counter Paley’s argument?

*Please number all responses*

*Be sure to embed the clip or image, rather than posting as an attachment.*

– It suggests to read the book, pages 59-74 of Great Philosophical Arguments for a more detailed explanation of the argument and critical analysis by David Hume.

– I have the notes needed for the week

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