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In this project you will chose a data set that interests you and investigate a possible association between two variables within that data set. This project will give you an opportunity to use StatCrunch to apply the skills and techniques you have learned in this class and to produce a professional report.

To produce a successful project you must:

  • Read and follow the instructions carefully.
  • Give yourself sufficient time to work on the project.
  • Write clearly, using appropriate statistical terminology and correct mathematical notation. College-level writing is expected, as is the use of proper grammar.
  • Use StatCrunch to complete all calculations and graphs.
  • Create original work. The following link describes, in detail, plagiarism, fair use and HCC’s academic policy: Fair Use and Academic Honesty (Links to an external site.) Furthermore, this means that students who are repeating the course are expected to create an entirely new project using two new variables of interest.
  • Submit a professional report that is typed and formatted and organized well
  • Submit your project via Canvas as a PDF or Word file.


For this project you are going to choose one data set from the list below that you find interesting and investigate an association between two variables within that data set. You will then examine the data and write a two page report. In your report you should:

  1. Introduce the data set and explain why you chose it.
  2. Describe the variables you chose and thoroughly explain what you are investigating. Be sure to define which variable is the explanatory variable and which is the response variable.
  3. Using StatCrunch, create an appropriate graph for the association you are investigating and calculate the correlation coefficient and the linear model.
  4. Be sure your graph is appropriately labeled and that it includes a title and then copy it into your paper.
  5. Report the correlation coefficient.
  6. Describe the association you are investigating using correct statistical terminology. Reference your graph and the correlation coefficient, and be sure to note any possible outliers.
  7. Report the linear model using correct notation.
  8. Interpret the slope and vertical intercept of your model, and discuss the appropriateness of your model.
  9. Summarize your findings and draw a conclusion.


Below is a list of data sets – choose one for your project. The links will not work directly, so please follow these directions:

  1. In Canvas, click on MyLab and Mastering –> Open My Lab and Mastering –> StatCrunch (on the left) –> Visit the StatCrunch Website –> Open StatCrunch (yellow button at top of page, it will auto login)
  2. Then copy/paste a URL below into either the current tab or a new tab
  3. To save your data and work, go to the Data tab and choose Save
  4. To Re-open your saved file, click on MyLab and Mastering –> Open My Lab and Mastering –> StatCrunch (on the left) –> Visit the StatCrunch Website –>MyStatCrunch (on the right side)–>My Data

Marriage vs. the Economy:…
This data set compares the number of marriages in the last 30 years to several factors of the economy.


Use the following checklist when proofreading your project.

For each aspect below, an excellent report will:


  • Give the name of the data set chosen as well as some details describing the data set. (This may require following links or referencing the text)
  • Include a clear justification for why the data set was chosen.
  • Involve two quantitative variables.
  • Clearly and thoroughly describe the variables chosen. (This may require following links or referencing the text)
  • Clearly and correctly assign explanatory and response variables.
  • Thoroughly explain the association being investigated and give a logical justification for why the author believes the association exists.


  • Include an appropriate scatterplot generated using StatCrunch.
  • Accurately assign and clearly label the axes for the scatterplot.
  • Include an appropriate title for the scatterplot.
  • Include the appropriate correlation coefficient for the association generated using StatCrunch.
  • Include an accurate and thorough description of the association with reference to the graph, correlation coefficient and any outliers.

Linear Association Model

  • Include an appropriate linear regression model generated using StatCrunch and written using correct notation and typesetting.
  • Give an accurate and detailed interpretation of the slope of the linear regression model.
  • Give an accurate and detailed interpretation of the y-intercept of the linear regression model.
  • Thoroughly discuss the appropriateness of the linear regression model with reference to other aspects of the report.


  • Includes a summary of the findings and a clear conclusion regarding the association.
  • Appear highly professional, be easy to read and comprehend, and use correct statistical vocabulary.

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