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Before responding to this DB topic, please take time to read the “Relapse Prevention” article posted in the Week 10 folder (or see below). After you have read the article, spend some time thinking about Marlatt’s Relapse Prevention model and the role of lifestyle rebalancing. Given what you have read, and perhaps your own experience, why do you think lifestyle rebalancing is an important part of the relapse prevention plan? Are there any ways in which you think your own current lifestyle might benefit from “rebalancing” whether or not you are personally dealing with a SUD?

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Lifestyle rebalancing is not only important to those who struggle with addictions or abuse of substances but for anyone who is unhappy in their current life. Lifestyle rebalancing refers to changing certain behaviors or attitudes within your life to a more positive and healthier alternative. For those who are struggling with addiction, hanging out with the same group of friends they had while addicted can put someone back on their work to get better. They can move backwards in their progress because it is tempting being around people who used to help feed your addiction. For those struggling with addiction, it could mean a huge change in their life including moving, making new friends, and finding new hobbies to combat the old ones while struggling with substance abuse. Lifestyle rebalancing is something that is not just done once, but something that continually needs to be worked on for positive regards in the future. If someone believes they have made a positive change, they must upkeep that change in order to help themselves. For example, if someone moves away from their small hometown because the people and environment were helping them feed their addiction, it could be damaging if they came back to that same environment too soon in their recovery. Either old friends from that town would want to hangout and maybe they don’t pressure you to do drugs again, but they could be doing it right in front of you. Or seeing the old place that you always used to do drugs at could spark a need of wanting to do it again. This could lead to a relapse and a reset in overcoming your own addictions. This is why lifestyle rebalancing is especially important to those who have been struggling with addictions.

I believe that everyone could benefit from some lifestyle rebalancing. Lifestyle rebalancing is a positive for anyone because it means to replace unhealthy behaviors or attitudes with positive ones. For myself, I would benefit from going to the gym and/or working out more. This is a positive change I could make within my life to help me better myself. Currently in my free time I can be a bit lazy which does not do anything to benefit my life. If I was to start going to the gym, I would be filling up that lazy free time with time spent bettering my body and mind. I am a firm believer that everyone could benefit from lifestyle rebalancing because no one really lives a perfect life.

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