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A rehabilitation center researcher was interested in examining the relationship between physical fitness prior to surgery of persons undergoing corrective knee surgery and time required in physical therapy until successful rehabilitation. Patient records in the rehabilitation center were examined, and 24 male subjects ranging in age from 18 to 30 years who had undergone similar corrective knee surgery during the past year were selected for the study. The number of days required for successful completion of physical therapy and the prior physical fitness status (below average, average, above average) for each patient follow.

(1) Using SAS to test whether the mean number of days for successful completion of physical therapy differ significantly among the three groups. (clarify your notation, specify hypothesis, test statistics, rejection region or p-value, and your conclusion).

(2) Write down your fitted model. What do the estimated coefficients represent? (Hint: beta0 is mean of reference group, etc.)

Note: Group 1 has 8 individuals, group 2 has 10 and group 3 has 6 individuals. To read in the data, you’ll need to organize the data in the format like EX1701.DAT (or page 5 of slides “onewayANOVA-2020.ppt”) as following :

Group days

BA 29

BA 42

BA 38

AV 30

AV 35

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