Instantaneous Frequency Fundamentals of Analog & Digital Communications Worksheet – Assignment Help

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Topics of the questions(only 3-4 questions)

(I will upload the questions after u take this mission, and you will have 1.5 hours to complete it) :

1.Signals and Systems

1)Classify and calculate the energy and power of signals.

2)Calculate different signal transformations.

3)Explain the similarities between signals and vectors.

2.Fourier Series and Transforms

1)Describe the principles of Fourier series.

2)Calculate the Fourier series in trigonometric, compact, and exponential form.

3)Determine the Fourier transform of a signal by integration or with a table and properties.

4)Understand the time and frequency relationship through the duality principle.

5)Evaluate a linear time invariant system with distortionless or linear distortion.

3.Linear Amplitude Modulation

1)Recall the purpose for carrier modulation and the differences between amplitude and non-linear modulation.


3)Evaluate the technique in the time and frequency domains (with graphs).

4)Calculate modulation specific features, e.g. bias or Hilbert Transform.

5)Determine the spectrum, bandwidth, and filter requirements.

6)Calculate the energy of the signal.

7)Understand the (de-)modulation techniques for bandwidth efficient modulation (QAM and VSB).

4.Angle Modulation

1)Understand the fundamentals of angle modulation in terms of the instantaneous generalized angle.

2)Explain the FM and PM signals and the scaling factors (LaTeX: k_fk f and LaTeX: k_pk p).

3)Derive the bandwidth for a narrow or wide band angle modulated signal.

4)Determine the bandwidth of an angular modulated signal with Carson’s rule

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