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This week’s discussion is on the Psychosocial and Other Models of Drug Use and Abuse. You will watch a video entitled “Psychosocial Model,” which is presented by Dr. Femke Buisman-Pijlman of the University of Adelaide. After watching the video (AddictionX, 2015), please select one of the three components that make up this model—preferably, one of those which you know nothing, or the least about—and do a brief report on it. Define the component, and using some aspects of it, discuss briefly how it is used to explain SUD origin, development, and treatment–based on your review of the literature. Cite your sources within the text of your discussion.

Support your discussion with reliable medical and/or scientific sources, not the popular media sources. You will gain more points if you provide information from at least two references not already listed in this assignment. Make these references quality and scholarly peer-reviewed references–(preferably primary sources) from the U.S.

Link (Links to an external site.)


AddictionX. [University of Adelaide]. (2015, October 7). Biopsychosocial model. [Video]. YouTube.

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