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I need help with a History question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Today is Nov,. 3, ,2020. It is time to take the second course exam,

HISTORY 102, SECOND EXAM, Nov., 2, 2020. Open Book, paraphrase, NO Plagiarism! . Completed Exams due Thursday, November 5, 2020.

IDENTIFICATION SECTION – Chose FIVE of the following terms and write an explanation. (10 Points each – 50 points}

Kansas -Nebraska Act Dred Scott Decision

Lincoln – Douglas Debates John Brown’s Raid

Emancipation Proclamation 14th Amendment

“The Lost Cause” Ku Klux Klan

Plessy v, Ferguson Atlanta Compromise

Lynch Law

ESSAY SECTION – Select ONE of the following ESSAYS.( 50 points)

In a Comprehensive and Complete ESSAY describe and explain…

1. Describe the deterioting sectional relations between the Southern Slave states and the free labor Northern state.How did the Kansas – Nebraska Act of 854 by Senator Stephen A, Douglas only speed the growing sectional divide?

2, Describe and explain the role of women, White and Black, in the so called, “New South”. Where their opportunities greator or lesser than women in the rest of the country? How did the South’s desire to defend its actions in the Civil War under the heading, “The Lost Cause”, affect white women in this period?

ASSIGNED READING SECTION – SELECT ONE one of the following readings from the Required text book, Major Problems In Americn History and write a description and explanation.(34 points}

1.”Senate Candidates Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas Debate Their Positions on Slavery, 1858.”

2. .Eric Foner, “The Checkered History of The Great 14th Amendment.: (Found on the Internet. Put title in Google search and click. When the article comes up, read it and answer the question if you Choose it)

3. .”Elizabeth Cady Stanton Questions Abolitionist Support for female Enfranchisement,.(the vote!) 1868.”

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