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Description: Research and construct a 1400-2000 word APA-formatted paper discussing the following: In standard models of decision making, participation in violent political action is understood as the product of instrumentally rational reasoning. According to this line of thinking, instrumentally rational individuals will participate in violent political action only if there are selective incentives that are limited to participants. However, some research is showing that the incentives may be more closely aligned to moral questions of behavior, individual and/or group dynamics may play a greater role than once considered.

A successful paper will provide an introduction that concludes with a thesis statement that narrows a reader’s focus to the findings that you intend to show. Your thesis statement should indicate your position on the issue (the significance of your findings on the factors discovered during your research; the so what?). In the body of the paper, in subsequent paragraphs, explain your position and provide evidence to support your findings (this should be the longer, substantive part of your paper). Write your body that explains the major points of reasoning that you noted in the introduction. Finally, add a conclusion paragraph where you explain application of the findings to your discipline (program major). The conclusion is a summary of the logical reasoning you presented within the paper. Your submission must be done in accordance with the APA standards.

Audience: Someone familiar with the topic – such as your peers, instructor, or someone in the security industry.

Sources: Please provide at least three different sources to support your discussion. Document them with in-text citations and on a references page.

Language: Present your paper in a professional, academic way that addresses the designated audience. Be sure to present well-developed paragraphs that are free of grammatical error and that convey a logical flow of information.

Format: Format your responses according to APA guidelines. Using APA style correctly is a graded aspect of this assignment.

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