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Please answer KIng questions in one paragraph(250 words) , and answer the
application in another paragraph( 250 words). Please use only the assigned reading.
You dont have to cite.

King Questions

In Letter from a Birmingham Jail, Dr. King writes that he faces the objection that his activities are “unwise and untimely.”

First, explain two (2) of the approximately ten replies that Dr. King gives to this objection.

Second, argue for or against one (1) of the two replies that you have explained — is Dr. King correct or incorrect, and why or why not?

King Application

First, identify a contemporary social or political event that you will apply Dr. King’s theory to. Please choose a different event than any you have discussed so far in the course.

Second, identify an individual or group involved
in that event that might claim that it is “unwise and untimely,” and
hypothesize why they might claim this.

Third, refute that group’s claim using one of the replies that you explained in the King Questions section.

Fourth, evaluate those 2 positions with respect
to each other — is the event “unwise and untimely,” or is Dr. King’s
refutation correct, and why or why not?


Please read Dr. King’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail

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