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1-Read your textbook chapters 3 and 4. This discussion focuses on the topics of attachment styles and parenting styles that is covered in chapter 3. (you will find the attachment of the chapters below)

2-Also watch the video “Mary Ainsworth – The Strange Situation Study

3-and read the article “Parenting Styles and the Influence of Culture” (you will find the pictures of the article below)

_ first give a brief summary of either the different attachment styles or the different parenting styles. It is up to you whether you decide to focus your discussion on attachment styles or parenting styles. You may also discuss both.

_Then, discuss which of the attachment or parenting style do you believe that your parents used or had with you as you grew up? Do you feel that their approach was effective? Why or why not?

_What style do you currently use with your children (or plan to use when you have children)?

_Do you believe that there are any effects of culture on attachment or parenting styles?

*NOTE: You have the option of discussing relatives’ relationships as opposed to your own relationship with your parents if you choose – as long as you cover all the relevant questions.

Remember, it is the quality of your discussion and responses that is the most important! Keep in mind that we are not in a traditional classroom environment and cannot have typical classroom discussions. This is meant to encourage similar interactions. Be sure that you paraphrase information that you take from sources and properly attribute all content. Do not copy and paste the information.

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