ESC 114 SUNY Ulster Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park Research Paper – Assignment Help

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I’m trying to learn for my Geology class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Hello! Thank you for your help.

This research paper is for my Geology of National Parks class. The teacher is relatively picky so please only take this paper if you’re up for the task and please read the directions carefully they’re a bit unique. (He wants pictures & stuff) I included his rubric and instructions in a folder. thank you again

How do you write your paper? First a note about the mechanics:
● You must write your paper using a standard word processing program and save it as a PDF-format file. If you don’t
know how to do that, please contact me ASAP so that we can work out how to submit a document I can read. If I
can’t read it, I can’t grade it.
● You should use a standard 12-point font for the paper with double line spacing. Use one-inch margins all around
and turn on page numbering.
● Spelling and grammar will be taken into account in assigning a grade (use the spell checker!).
● The text length should at least 1,500 words or so (a word processor can give you word counts). This is approximately
six double-spaced, twelve-point font, one-inch margin pages. This doesn’t include the title page, illustrations,
references, etc. You can write a bit more, but don’t go nuts, I don’t want more than 10 pages of text.
● Pictures, maps, illustrations, etc. should be included but do not count toward the length of the paper. Include the
images by pasting them electronically into your document. All images must have a reference citation to your
reference list.
● You must include a reference list at the end of your paper showing where you obtained information (including
images). References must have the author(s), date, book title, publisher, and page numbers (the point of a reference
is that I, or someone else, can check it). Two typical references for the Grand Canyon might be:
Harris, A. G., Tuttle, E., and Tuttle, S. D. 2004. Geology of National Parks (6th ed.) Kendall-Hunt, pp. 7-28.
National Park Service. Grand Canyon National Park. URL: grandcanyon/ (viewed
on 04/09/05).
I don’t have a problem with only using these two resources for your paper (your textbook and the NPS website). All
resources used, however, must be referenced. Anything quoted word-for-word needs quotations and a reference
(e.g. Harris, et al. (2004) say “…”). Do this rarely, putting things in your own words. Any images you use need a
Now, let’s talk about the content of the paper. What do I want to see? I would like to see the paper divided into the
following sections (each preceded by a subheading):
● Title – The title of the paper, your name, the date, and the course number (ESC-114 Geology of the National Parks).

● Introduction – The name of the park or monument, its location (preferably with a map illustrating its location), and
a little bit of its history.

● Natural History – A summary of the interesting features found in the park. This may include cultural and biological
features as well as geologic features.
● Geologic Features – A discussion of the geology in this park. Include interesting geologic features as well as
geologic processes seen in the park and the types and ages of rocks and fossils found in the area.
● Geologic History – A summary of the geologic history of the park from its oldest rocks to the present-day. Don’t
just copy material word from word from the text – summarize it in your own words.
● Conclusions – Anything you want to say, can add a personal note or your experiences or interests regarding the park
● References – Your reference list.

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