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Charlie, 20, has been smoking marijuana with friends for a couple of years. Charlie’s parents recently discovered her drug use and negotiated that she could live with them if she saw a counsellor. Charlie is not financially stable to move out of home. She agrees to see a counsellor. Charlie tells Beth, a counsellor, that she only smokes on weekends, goes to university full-time, has a part time job and feels like everything in her life is good. Beth realises while talking to Charlie the stage of change that CHARLIE is in. Beth decides to provide Charlie with information regarding the effects of marijuana and briefly discusses the information with Charlie while providing her with a written factsheet to take home. Beth also suggests to Charlie that getting arrested could be a concern as it could impact on her future career.Charlie agrees, so Beth discusses some possible harm reduction strategies with Charlie. Charlie thanks Beth for her support and tells her that it’s good to know her organisation exists.Two months later Charlie returned to see Beth following a major argument with her parents. Charlie has made the decision to quit using marijuana but she believes she needs support as it will affect her social life.

Complete the following dialogue between Beth and Charlie that incorporates the following points:

  • Exploring concerns and strategies
  • Helping the person express their feelings, make decisions and set goals
  • Highlight benefits of change
  • Giving positive feedback and encouragement

Charlie: so, I’m back because I really want to find a way to stop smoking but I still want to hang out with my friends. I feel really caught in the middle.

Beth: Sounds like you’re restop smokingady to have a discussion about changing the smoking

Charlie: Yes, but I don’t know where to begin

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