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**Note** The description of the assignment is modified, so I will be giving actual instructions**

Assignment description (not modified):

The Group Planning exercise attempts to assist you in considering the variables in
designing a group for a population/problem of your choice. You will be expected to identify
the needs of the population for whom you are planning, write a concise statement of
purpose, describe group composition, content, size, time, staffing, and agency support.
This is a group project and each group member will be assigned to write up a portion of
the material and present their section in class. This paper demands analytic skills and
competence in writing clearly and correctly. You are expected to present your ideas in an
organized manner and with no errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling or diction.

Once students have identified the kind of group they would like to develop, they will begin the process of planning as outlined in the Kurland model featured in the text (Brandler and Roman, Chapter 7). The areas for planning include needs assessment, purpose, composition, structure, content, pre-group contacts, and agency context. Each plan should include description of a prevention intervention that could be used during the group to enhance client capabilities—the prevention activity should be related to the purpose and type of group.

In order to consider each of the elements of the planning model as thoroughly as required, students will provide appropriate justification for any decisions about the direction of the group. Why, for example, would one choose to develop a small, closed group in working with battered women rather than an open-ended group, allowing for newcomers to join as needed? Why would staffing for a children’s group include two workers rather than one, causing the cost of the program to double? Why would a widows’ bereavement group be limited to women rather than be conducted as a co-ed group? Why would you elect to avoid meeting with potential members of a mastectomy group individually prior to the initial session of the group? Each choice that the student makes regarding planning for the group can be challenged. The purpose of the assignment is to explore various approaches and develop a thoughtful plan.


I. Introduction

II. Engaging Diversity and Difference

III. Engaging Group Members

IV. Intervening with Groups

V. Summary and Conclusions

VI. References (separate page, APA style)

VII. Appendices, if any

the student must find and read a minimum of five independently identified peer-reviewed journal articles, PLUS items from the bibliography or recommended readings.

Information about group and my part of this group assignment :

My group and I have decided to do a DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) Group for Veterans with PTSD and Substance Abuse at the VA’s hospital. The purpose is to establish coping mechanisms to implement positive outcomes and self management skills in the veteran’s daily life. My part of this group assignment is the Methodology in Pre-group, referring to the recruitment of this group (I will be attaching powerpoint slides of description). The veterans will be referred by a therapist to the group who will be facilitated by two social workers. In order to be referred, the veteran must be diagnosed with PTSD and a comorbidity with substance abuse. It is a closed meeting. Please provide information on veterans attending DBT group and its benefits. Why it is appropriate for this referral by the therapist for the veterans with ptsd and substance use to attend this group. This group is offered to the veterans because of the socio-economic disadvantages that veterans can be faced with and the VA hospital is geared towards them and their needs, it is readably available.

I have the book that serves as a reference and the DBT manual that will be used, but I cannot attach it due to it being too big of a file. I also have examples of slides of other projects the professor provided.

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