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Hello Class, please read the following article: Why Reopening isn’t enough to Save the Economy (Links to an external site.) and discuss whether or not you agree with the author’s point of view. What have you seen in your community/city/county/state? are things picking up? how long do you think this will last and when will we get back to an economic normal? Please be objective and avoid getting into heated discussion about Politics. This is not a Political Science class but rather an Accounting Class. Therefore, be empathetic and analyze it as a Business owner or Investor. If you are/were a business owner, how you would you survive this moving forward? Experts say that things will not get back to normal until a Vaccine out and available to the public and that will probably be around Spring of next year, which means things will slowly get back to normal until the Summer of next year. But, also think about all the businesses that are going to permanently close (about 30-40% according to recent data), the people that are going to be left without a job and the number of bankruptcies and foreclosures that are coming. It’ll be a gray 2021 for sure.

(at least 300 words)

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