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-Submit this lab to the appropriate area on Blackboard when you are done.

-The vast majority of the tasks below have identical examples done in the lecture videos.For those that don’t, you must use your existing Linux knowledge as well as the man pages to obtain the answer.

-When providing a command, provide the command exactly as it should be entered in the terminal window in order to work properly.

-When providing a command, only provide one command unless explicitly requested otherwise.

-#1 through #16 are all worth 1 point each.#17 is worth 8 points.The final 1 point, for a total of 25 points, is awarded for entering every answer in a font color different from the questions.

-For questions that ask for specific dates, give the month, day, and year (e.g., December 15, 2020).

-For questions that ask for specific dates, the following website may be useful:

Consider the following images containing snippets of the /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow, and /etc/group files.The images are also available for download separately on Blackboard.Use them to answer the questions below.NOTE: Hashed passwords have been removed from the /etc/shadow file for the purpose of readability.Just assume that everyone shown has a password set.

1.After user hermione changes her password, how many days must she wait before she is required to change it again?

2.Give a command that modifies the hermione account so that she must wait 20 days before being required to change her password again.

3.On what date did user ginny last change her password?

4.What command should user ginny enter to initiate a password change for her own account?

5.How many days before user ron’s password expires will he receive a warning about the upcoming password expiration when he logs in?

6.Give a command that changes the warning for user ron to occur 9 days before the password expires.

7.After user harry changes his password, how many days must he wait before he is allowed to change it again?

8.Give a command that modifies the harry account so that he must wait 15 days before being allowed to change it again.

9.On what date will user luna’s account expire?

10.Give a command that modifies the luna account so that it expires on October 12, 2027.

11.Which user account(s), if any, never expire?

12.Which user account(s), if any, are never required to change their passwords?

13.How many days after draco’s password expires will his account become disabled?

14.Give a command that modifies the draco account so that it becomes disabled 12 days after the password expires.

15.The home directory for user harry is wrong.Give a command that changes harry’s home directory to /home/gryffindor/harry and make sure the command moves all of the contents of his current home directory into the new one.

16.Give a command that adds harry to the quidditch group.It should be a supplementary group for harry and not his new primary group.The command must not remove harry from any of his current groups.

17.Give two commands that are required to complete the following task.(This means one command will do part of it and the other command will do the rest of it, not two separate commands that each do all of it.Hint: One will be useradd and one will be chage.)

oCreate a user with username hagrid

oThe home directory should be explicitly specified as /home/faculty/hagrid instead of using the default supplied by the operating system.

oMake sure the home directory is created.(You can assume that /home/faculty already exists but cannot assume that /home/faculty/hagrid already exists.)

oThe comments field should say:Rubeus Hagrid, Keeper of Keys

oThe account’s primary group should be explicitly set to faculty

oThe account must wait 7 days after a password change before being allowed to change it again.

oThe account must be required to change its password 180 days after the last password change.

oThe account should be disabled 5 days after the password expires.

oThe account should receive a warning of an upcoming password expiration 10 days in advance.

oThe account should expire no matter what on October 7, 2025.

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