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Choose an active volcano from somewhere on Earth, from this online list (Links to an external site.). In a well-crafted essay, cover all of the questions below. (Tip: Investigate your volcano online a bit before committing to it for this assignment; make sure there is sufficient information available about it, in English, for you to be able to meet the paper length requirement.)

  • What is the name of your volcano? How did it get that name?
  • Where on Earth is it located? (If possible, include a map.)
  • What kind of volcano is it?
  • How old is it? (if known)
  • What is its tectonic setting? Is it near a plate boundary? If so, which boundary, and how are the plates moving relative to each other?
  • When have its major eruptions taken place? What happened during those eruptions?
  • What kinds of rock has the volcano produced?
  • What is the likelihood this volcano will erupt again in our lifetimes? How dangerous might these future eruptions be?
  • Include at least one photograph of your volcano. Be sure to use APA format to document its source.
  • Share any other fascinating facts you have learned about your volcano.

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

  • 2-3 pages in length (not counting title page, reference page, and visuals)
  • 3-4 credible outside sources

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