CMPSC 3613 Dallas College North Lake Computer Architecture Mid Term Discussion – Assignment Help

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CMPSC 3613 Computer Architecture

Fall 2020 “Post-Mid-Term” Exam – 100 points + 5 bonus

All answers MUST be written in YOUR OWN words, do not just copy-paste from the slides or other sources. Write your answers immediately after the question and before the next question.


  • Briefly discuss computer architecture and computer organization and how they relate to each other. – 6 points.
  • Draw a simple diagram of a computer system based on the Von Neumann architecture. Make sure to label the components. – 10 points.
  • In reference to computer architecture, what is a register? – 4 points.
  • Briefly explain some of the differences between Von Neumann Architecture and Harvard Architecture. – 6 points.
  • Explain what the clock is and its role in electronic circuits. – 6 points.
  • What is RTL? Provide a basic example of an operation in the notation and explain it. – 5 points.
  • What cycle is repeatedly executed by the CPU? Give the name and provide an explanation. – 8 points.
  • Explain the memory access hierarchy (you can draw a diagram if you wish). – 4 points.
  • In reference to computing, what is a bus? – 3 points.
  • How many binary sequences are there of length n? – 2 points.
  • Show how you would do the following sum in binary (make sure to convert to binary first and give the result in both binary and base 10): 63+125. -6 points.
  • What is two’s complement and why is it used? – 4 points.
  • What is the two’s complement of: 00110101? – 3 points.
  • Carry out the following calculation using 8-bit signed arithmetic (convert to 8-bit binary sequences) and use two’s complement for the negative number, give the result as both an 8-bit binary sequence and in base 10: 127 – 74. – 8 points.
  • What does shifting a binary sequence to left by 3 places correspond to (from the arithmetic standpoint)? – 3 points.
  • Show that the following are equivalent Boolean expressions: – 6 points
  • Draw the circuit symbols for the following gates (assume 2 inputs): AND, OR, NAND. – 6 points.
  • Draw the circuit for a two-bit half adder. – 4 points.
  • Discuss sequential circuits vs. combinational circuits (specifically the difference between the two) and specify the main 3 flip-flops presented during lectures. – 4 points.
  • How would you specify the instruction to add two variables (located in address A and B respectively) and store it in address C using the assembly language presented in class? Use the three-address format. -2 points



Extra Credit

E1 – (bonus 3 points): What were the 3 different instruction types discussed in class?

E2 – (bonus 2 points): What is CISC? What is RISC?

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